Interesting Forensic Science Links:
AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Sciences
IABPA - International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts
Nobel Prize Website (great for blood typing)
NIH/NLM - National Library of Medicine (teacher resources in forensics)
Hair Analysis in Forensic Science
CSI Web Adventures
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Science Spot - Forensic Science Lesson Plans
Hair Analysis in Forensic Science

Forensic Science Products:
Ward's Science+ - Forensic Science
Ward's Blood Spatter Analysis Lab Activities
Precision Forensic Testing
Sirchie Fingerprint Laboratories
EVIDENT Crime Scene Products
Fisher Science Education (part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.)
Carolina Biological Supply Company - Forensic Pig Dissection
Lynn Peavey Company
Krasity's Medical & Surgical Supply, Inc.

Forensic Science Publications:
CRC Press

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